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How to Choose the Best IoT Networking Option

This guide outlines the best IoT networking options for your business requirements. 


Basic Networking can be used directly with any client application without any additional setup.  This configuration can be used when the data server(s) have fixed IP Addresses, registered domain names, or network node names that can be accessed from every remote client.

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Live Data Cloud Networking is used when the data source services do not have a fixed IP address.  An example would be a laptop or server PC that has a standard Internet connection and you want to access its data over the Internet.

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Network Forwarding is used in corporate networks where you need to redirect / bounce network communications through one or more servers to reach the data source from client applications.  Most commonly to connect industrial networks together with business networks.

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One Way Networking is used to transfer data through networks that have communication diodes that only allow one direction of communications.  Most commonly used by our nuclear power customers.

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