Overview – Web HMI

If you are interested in visualizing your data in a desktop or mobile browser with zero programming, you may be interested in OAS Open UIEngine.
The UIEngine is a no-code robust web application and HMI builder for developing rich user interfaces all in a browser-based development environment.

For programmatic custom applications, Web HMI is an SDK for embedding real time OAS data in your own application code using Javascript.

OAS Web HMI provides a flexible, platform-independent way to integrate with Open Automation Software Servers.

  • “Controls” themselves are simply existing HTML elements marked up with attributes that are parsed at runtime, so you are free to use any web technology that you prefer, including (but not limited to) ASP.NET or .NET MVC, JSP, PHP, Ruby on Rails, or even static HTML with JavaScript.
  • Compatible with front end frameworks such as Angular and VueJS.
  • Easily integrates with existing web applications
  • Based on ubiquitous standard technologies including JavascriptjQueryJSONHTML, and CSS