Overview – Web Trend Programming

If you are interested in visualizing your data in a desktop or mobile browser with zero programming, you may be interested in Getting Started with the Web HMI Dashboard.


The OAS Web HMI provides a flexible, platform-independent way to integrate with Open Automation Software Servers. The addition of the Trend Control allows you to retrieve real time and historical data for any tags exposed as Trend Points within the OPC Server. Included in this release are:

  • A configuration interface for specifying Trend Points to monitor and be displayed
  • A client-side Javascript API for extracting data and transforming it
  • A simple interface for applying Trend Point and Historical Data to the popular open source Flot (www.flotcharts.org)charting library


OAS Web HMI Trend Control requires the following:

  • an instance of an Open Automation Software Serveraccessible over an internal or external network
  • working knowledge of HTML
  • working knowledge of Javascript
  • working knowledge of OAS Web HMI configuration