OPC Controls RadioButton

The OPC Controls RadioButton component performs exactly like the standard RadioButton component with additional properties to automatically update from any Open Automation Software Tag Parameter. For programmatic help refer to the OPCControls Help file.

OPC Controls RadioButton 335

To add an OPC Controls RadioButton select the OPCControlsRadioButton component from the ToolBox and place it on any Windows Form of your choice.  See Add OPC Controls Components to Visual Studio.NET to add the OPC Controls RadioButton to the ToolBox.

OPC Controls RadioButton Properties

Refer to OPCControls help for all properties and members of the OPC Controls.NET components. All properties can be assigned in code; however no programming is required to use the properties.

Use the SetValueOPCSystems property to enable the ability to write to a Tag Parameter when the RadioButton is clicked. If the Tag Parameter is assigned to an OPC Item as a source the OPC Item will be written to with the value specified when the OPC Controls RadioButton is clicked.

The following properties can automatically be set by Open Automation Software Tag values.


OPC Controls Button Properties 320


OPC Controls CheckBox Properties 333


OPC Controls Button Properties 321


OPC Controls Button Properties 322


OPC Controls Button Properties 323


OPC Controls Button Properties 324


OPC Controls RadioButton Properties 336


OPC Controls Button Properties 326


OPC Controls Button Properties 327


OPC Controls Label Properties 317


OPC Controls Button Properties 329