FAQs – .NET WinForm HMI

Can WinForm applications be deployed to remote systems for Internet communications?
Yes, applications communicate using WCF over a standard TCP port which is adjustable. The default port number is 58724. View the Networking – LAN, WAN, and Internet Videos on how to implement standard communications over the Internet and also the Live Data Cloud networking on how to host your own data without a fixed IP address or registered domain name.
The .NET controls do not appear in the Toolbox after selecting to add them to the Toolbox.
If you right click Toolbox and Choose to Add Items and select the OPCControls components, yet they do not appear in the Toolbox you may have installed Visual Studio after Open Automation Software. If so uninstall Open Automation Software and reinstall it.  It will then register correctly with Visual Studio for adding the controls.
After updating Open Automation Software with the incremental update the project no longer compiles or the application no longer works.
Make sure to Unblock the dlls before copying to C:Program Files (x86)Open Automation SoftwareOPC Systems.NET. To Unblock the files copy to a trusted location for your system, Desktop works well, then right click on the file and select Properties to select Unblock. Then copy from your Desktop to C:Program Files (x86)Open Automation SoftwareOPC Systems.NET.
What assemblies do I need to deploy with my application?
Include the following in References as Local Copy:
  • OPCControls.dll
  • OPCSystemsInterface.dll