Frequently Asked Questions – Recipe

Cannot log to MS Access with Error microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine
Cannot log to MS Access with Class not Registered System Error

For Office 2010, the following update will correct this issue.

For Office 365 (please note, by default Office365 installs the 32-bit version regardless of your system), use:

If my Recipe is not working how can I find the solution?
Go to Configure-Options-System Logging. Enable the Recipe Transaction Log and the details of each recipe execution will be logged within the file.
How can I return aggregate results of the last 24 hours of a database table?
Set the field names to use your desired aggregate functionsExample: AVG(myField), MIN(myField), MAX(myField), and SUM(myField). In the Query String property enter the following: WHERE DateAndTime <= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP AND DateAndTime > DATEADD(hh,-24,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)