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OEM / System Integrator Partner Program

Become an OAS partner and receive additional benefits for product customization, technical support, and product pricing.

OEM / SI Benefits

Product Customization

OAS Engineers work with partners to provide unique data processing and specialized interface integrations into the OAS software platform. OAS works closely with partners to address custom project requirements that may have been difficult to accomplish without OAS.

Technical Support

OAS partners have direct access to the OAS development team. The team approach and close collaboration makes it easy for partners to setup and deploy OAS solutions. OAS technical support is 24 x7 worldwide and is very responsive to project requirements and needs.


Quantity discounts are available for System Integrator and OEM partners.
Pricing models are designed for competitive growth for various markets and industries.

Distributed Tag Deployment

Flex Tag Licensing provides unmatched flexibility and performance. The Flex Tag license allows distribution of tags to multiple servers from one master license. OAS partners can now customize licensing to meet an exact requirement. No need to purchase unwanted options.

Free Development Licenses

Engineering licenses are provided at no cost for development, testing, and ongoing support of OAS deployed solutions.

Customer Referral

Optionally include your interest to provide professional services to OAS customers seeking expertise in your industry focus.

OAS Product Benefits

Open Architecture

Use the development tools you are familiar.
Integrate directly into your existing application.
Up to date latest technologies.

Open Data Format

Access live and historical data directly in an open format.

Unlimited Clients

You can develop and deploy unlimited client applications for each network enabled OAS server.

Automated Setup

Setup data sources manually, automatically, programmatically, or using CSV file import.

Customized Drivers

Create your custom communication drivers with the Universal Driver Interface SDK to add custom Tag properties.


Distribute as stand alone or distributed networked solution on Windows or Linux, or use Docker containerized deployment.

Brand Labeling

Market and deploy as your own product for your industry.
Your company name, your product, your customer’s data.

Request Enrollment

Complete this form with information on your industry focus and product requirements.
We send you details on how to best proceed with design, prototype, and integration of the OAS platform for your specific product.

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