Service Control Manager

The following guide shows you how to use the built in Service Control Manager of the operating system to set a Windows Service LogOn.
If you just need to start and stop the OAS Services you can use the OAS Service manager from the program group Open Automation Software.

There are 4 scenarios to for OAS to set a service LogOn for 1 or more of the OAS services. Following is list of Service Names and the reason of changing the LogOn from the SYSTEM account.

  • OAS OPC – Connecting to classic DCOM OPC Servers that run under the desktop account
  • OAS Reports – Logging to MS Access on a remote network drive
  • OAS Reports – Default printer is not set for the operating system for automated reports
  • OAS Engine – Logging to a CSV file on a remote network drive

Previous service names

  • OAS OPC – (previously OPC Systems Data)
  • OAS Reports – (previously OPC Systems Database)
  • OAS Engine – (previously OPC Systems)

To start the Service Control Manager you must first have Administrative rights to the system.

Select Start-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services to view all Services installed on the system or type Services from the Search field of the start menu.

Setting the Service LogOn:

Select desired OAS service and right click to select Properties:

Select the Log On Tab to view the current Logon Account. 

Select This account radio button and use the Browse button to Select User:

Use the Advanced button in the lower left:

Service Control Manager 7

Then the Find Now button to select the desired Logon User Account:

Service Control Manager 8

Select OK twice to return to the Log On Tab dialog.

Enter the Password for the User Account and select OK:

If the Service is already started it must be Stopped and Started for the changes to take effect.