Multiple Tags – Data Route

Multiple Tags Data Route Configuration

View the following video demonstrating multiple tag data route configuration and uses.

View the following steps to define event driven, data change, or continuous execution to trigger setting multiple tag values with defined values or values from other tags.

Step 1 – Configure Data Route

 Start the Configure OAS application and select Configure-Data Route.

Configure Data Route

If prompted enter the Admin user and password defined in the security setup and select OK.

Log In

Step 2 – Define Route Execution

Enter a unique Route Name to identify the routing configuration.

Route Name

Specify the Route Type.

Route Type

  • Event Driven: A Boolean Tag that transactions from False to True, True to False, or both will trigger the data route. An Integer Tag can also be used to Trigger the data route when its value changes and is not a value of 0.
  • Continuous: The data route will execute continuously at the rate specified in seconds.
  • Specific Time Of Day: The data route will occur once per day at the time specified.
  • Destination Change: A change in value on a destination tag will trigger a write from the sources defined for that particular tag.
  • Source Change: A change in value on a source tag will trigger a write to all destination tags with that tag as a source tag.

Event Driven

For Event Driven execution define the Trigger Tag property to a Boolean or Integer tag by browsing for a local or remote network tag.

If the Trigger Tag is a Boolean tag specify the Digital Triger Type to execute on a value change from False to True, True to False, or Both.

Data Route Event Driven


For Continuous execution the Route Rate to set the frequency of execution.

Data Route Rate

Specific Time of Day

For Time of Day execution set the Time of Day to execute the data route.

Data Route Time of Day

Step 3 – Define Source to Destinations

Select the Tags tab of the data route to setup each destination tag and the source value that will be written to the tag.

Data Route Tags

Select the ADD button to add a destination tag and variable to write to.

Add Button

Browse for the destination tag and variable on the local or remote OAS Engine.

Data Route Browse Tag

The source of the value to write can be a fixed value or dynamic value from another tag variable.

Define the Source Value and Data Type to write to the Destination.

Data Route Source

Or enable Value from Tag and browse for the local or remote tag variable to use as the source value.

Data Route Source Tag

Optionally specify a Delay Time to wait after the execution is triggered to write the value to the tag.

Note: The Delay Time is the property to use to create Time On or Time Off resets using a Route Type of Destination Change. 

Continue to define additional tags using the ADD button.

CSV Import / Export

Optionally use the CSV Export button to export the existing list to a CSV file, then modify with Excel, then save and close Excel to use the CSV Import button to import the modified list of tags.

Data Route Tags Excel

Select the ADD GROUP button to add the route to the data route configuration.

Add Group

The data route is now active and will execute based on the Route Type selected.

Data Route List

Data Route Configuration

The data route can be disabled by unchecking the Route Active property under the Common tab or controlled dynamically with enabling the property Activate Route with Tag.

Data Route Active

Data Route Activate with Tag

Step 4 – Save Configuration

Select the Save button on the toolbar at the top.


If this is the first time saving you will be prompted to make this the default configuration to load when the OAS Engine restarts.

Data Route Default File

This can be changed under Configure-Options-Default Files.