Frequently Asked Questions – License

How can I see how many tags are currently in use for my license?
Select Configure-System Status using the Configure application and view the Totals section of the information provided.
Why do I get a warning my tag count license is exceeded?
There is a default demo Tag configuration file that is set to load under Configure-Options.  If you are not using these tags remove this default file or create your own only with your own tags and restarted the 3 OAS Services using the OAS Service Control.
How do I license the software?
Use Configure-License with the Configure application with one of the methods listed in the System Configuration – License section of this help file.
What happens when I exceed the tag limit?
  • A warning appears when you use the Configure application.
  • Also the Runtime will not start if you have too many Open Automation Software Tags loaded.
  • If you are using DirectOPC once you reach the tag limit no other DirectOPC Items will be added.
  • You can see how many tags you are using under Configure-System Status in the Totals section.
Do I need to reinstall the software after I purchase a license?
No, the one common download of Open Automation Software contains all of the products, drivers, and is activated with a Serial Number with an Internet connection, or with a License Key without an Internet connection.
I just purchased a 100 tag license and now I get a message that the tag limit is exceeded?
There are more than 100 tags in the demo tag configuration. Delete the demo tags and set the default tag configuration file under Configure Option Default Files.
Do I need to Kill a license if I am upgrading the version of Open Automation Software?
No, the license will remain active while you uninstall and reinstall Open Automation Software.
How do I move a license from one computer to another?
If you software license is up to date with a current maintenance use the steps in Moving a Software License.
Do I need to kill or backup the license when I uninstall and reinstall the software?
No the license will remain, but do not delete any files from C:\Program Files\Open Automation\OAS\ or C:\ProgramData\OpenAutomationSoftware\ after you uninstall Open Automation Software.
What will make my license stop working?
  • If you upgrade your software to the latest version without an active maintenance plan that covers that version.
  • If you change the CPU mother board. This includes cloning the image of the drive and restoring to a new PC.
  • If you remove all of the hard disks from the system that were present when the software was licensed.
  • With older OAS version 9 or less if you remove all of the Ethernet cards from the system that were present when the software was licensed.