Frequently Asked Questions – Alarm Notification

How to escalate an alarm notification if not acknowledged within a specified time

Create a new Boolean Tag with the tag name EscalateAlarm.

Enable the Digital Alarm limit in this new Tag with a Time Delay of ? Seconds.

Under the Tags tab of an existing or new Alarm Notification group the property “Set Tag When Alarm Active and Not Acknowledged” to a Boolean Tag with the Data Source of Value.

EscalateAlarm.AlarmStatusDigital can then be used to enable a second Alarm Notification monitoring the same alarms of the first Alarm Notification group with the Activate with Tag property in the second Alarm Notification Group.

Note: Under Configure-Options-Alarms uncheck “Update Alarm Status Immediately Without Alarm Time Delay”.

This will then enable the second alarm notification group when the alarms monitored in the first group.

I am using GMAIL as the sending address.
Make sure to enable SSL and also set the outgoing port number to 465.
I want to send a text message without the need for a Twillio account.
If the cell phone provider can provide an email address to receive texts setup to send an email. To send a text message to someone on AT&T in the To Address, just enter the 10 digit phone number Example