Siemens Security Setup

If you encounter an error when using the Siemens Driver Interface of Function Not Supported you may need to setup the security in the PLC to access.  Following are the steps on how to setup security in the S7 controller.

  1. Open the PLC project in the S7 TIA Portal software.
  2. Go to Project View
  3. In the Project Tree window, select the device that is causing the error.
  4. Hit Alt-Enter to bring up the Properties dialog.
  5. On the General tab, select Protection.
  6. Ensure that one of the following options is checked:

Full access (no protection)
Read access
HMI access

  1. Check ‘Permit access with Put/Get communication from remote partner.
  2. Click the OK button to save the settings.
  3. Compile and save project, then download modified program to controller.

Additionally a newly created DB has the default property attribute “optimized access” enabled.
Disable this property if you are unable to access the data in the controller after setting up the above properties.