Components are the heart of every user interface or HMI. All Components in the Toolbox share some common attributes and behaviors as outlined below. These include Positioning, Styling, Tag Binding, and Event handling. But many Components have some unique properties that are documented separately.


How to position, size, and rotate Components within the Screen display area.


Most Components allow you to set a color on an attribute, such as the background color, and text color, as well as border styling, visibility, and more.

Complex Values

Many input Components can provide multiple options for selecting one or more values. These include the Combo Box, Check List, Radio List, and Multi-Select Switch.

Tag Binding

One of the most powerful features of the UIEngine is the ability to bind Component attributes to OAS Tag values and properties. This allows you to use live data from your PLCs, devices, and even external applications to determine your UI behavior.

Event Handling

Input Components and others expose event properties such as Click or Change, and allow you to configure the behavior or action to take when the event occurs.

Media & Icon Browsers

Symbols, Images, and others allow you to choose an image file or Icon to display. The Media and Icon Browsers allow you to visually choose the element to use.

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