License Properties

License Code

This string is unique for the system since the last time a License Key (see below) has been saved.

Get Code

Use this button to refresh the License Code if you have made recent changes to the Licensing and are unsure if the License Code is the latest. The License Code will be obtained automatically when the License window is first viewed or anytime changes to the License have been made.

License Key

This is the unique string for the local system to save to the Licensing to enable features of the software. The License Key may be just a short term extension to the demonstration period or a full activation for the License.

Save Key

Use this button to save the License Key to the local system. A verification will be performed on the License Key to insure that the License Key is proper for the License Code. Once the License Key is properly saved the License Code will change to prevent unauthorized duplication of licenses.

Electronic Activate Button

Use this button to activate a license with the Serial Number that was provided with the order when you have an Internet connection is available.

Kill License

Use this button to delete a License to show a Kill Code to be given to Open Automation Software to validate that a License has been removed from the local system. Use this button only to remove a valid License and to verify with OAS that the License has been removed.