Overview – Web HMI Dashboard

NOTE: The OAS Open UIEngine is a more feature-rich, no-code HMI and application development platform for your automations than the Web HMI Dashboard, which is a basic set of tools for visualization.
See the UIEngine Documentation to learn more.

The Web HMI Dashboard is a an application that utilizes Web HMI, Web Trend, and Web Alarm and comes included at no cost with any of these products.  It allows you to visualize real time and historical data from within desktop and mobile browsers without the need for any HTML coding to deploy it.

Since it is built upon the Web HMI product, it requires the installation and licensing of Web HMI.  However, it can be accessed without the installation of an additional web server, or you are free to install it on a web server of your choosing.

If you wish to integrate data into an existing web interface or your own application please see Getting Started WEb HMI, Web HMI Wizard, Web Trend, and Web Alarm for full flexibility to update any HTML element dynamically based on OAS live and historical data.