IIoT Private Label

You can private label Open Automation Software to deploy as your own IIoT software product quickly and easily.  Edit the file OEMSettings.csv to include your company name, product name, support email, and web links.  The settings will update the Configure OAS application, OAS Service application, and messages from the OAS Engine.

Prerequisite: OAS version 14.00.0017 or later must be used to support the OEM Settings. 


The OEMSettings.csv file should be places in the same directory where the OAS Configuration.exe file, OAS_Service_Control.exe file, and OASEngine.exe service is deployed.  The OEM Settings will update both the Windows version and Linux version of the OAS Engine, the file is identical for both versions.

The default location for Windows installation is C:\Program Files\Open Automation Software\OAS\ where you will find the example file.  If editing directly in the installation folder launch your editor to Run As Administrator.  As an alternative copy the file to another location for editing and copy back to the installation directory.

The default location for Linux installation is in the oas-linux root.

The OEMSettings.csv contains 2 columns, Item Name and Value.  The item names must remain as the default names as these names are used as the identifier.  The values will be changed to match your desired names and links.

Following are default values of the OEMSettings.csv file.

“Item Name”,”Value”
“Company Name”,”Open Automation Software”
“Product Name”,”Open Automation Software”
“Short Product Name”,”OAS”
“Help Web Page”,”/knowledge-base/getting-started-with-oas/”
“Videos Web Page”,”/videos/”
“License Key Generation Web Page”,”/manual-license-key-generator/”
“Classic OPC Server Troubleshoot Web Page”,”/knowledge-base/overview-opc-troubleshooting/”
“Access Remote Mapped Drive Web Page”,”/ufaqs/logging-ms-access-remote-mapped-drive-get-error-data-logging/”
“Contact Company for Maintenance Renewal”,”Contact Open Automation Software at https://openautomationsoftware.com or reseller for renewal or install previous version.”
“Support Email”,”support @ oasiot.com”
“OPC UA Session Name”,”Open Automation Software”
“OPC UA Application Name”,”Open Automation Software@localhost”
“OPC UA Application Uri”,”urn:localhost:OpenAutomationSoftware:OpenAutomationSoftware”
“OPC UA Product Name”,”urn:OpenAutomationSoftware”
“OPC UA Certificate Subject Name”,”CN=Open Automation Software@localhost/O=Open Automation Software”
“ProgramData Folder”,”OpenAutomationSoftware”
“AppData Folder”,”Open Automation Software”
“Tag Prefix”,”Open Automation Software”
“Service Prefix”,”OAS”
“Engine Service”,”OAS Engine”
“Framwork 4.6.1 Service”,”OAS Framework 4.6.1 Service”
“Reports Service”,”OAS Reports Service”
“Classic OPC Service”,”OAS OPC Service”
“Config App Image Path”,”Custom\Logo.ico”

OAS Configuration Application Icon

You can define the application icon using InstallShield or other install builder using the Shortcuts item.  In InstallShield project go to Shortcuts and select the shortcut for the OAS Configuration application.  There you can set the Icon property to your desired .ico file.