Frequently Asked Questions – .NET Alarm

The database engine language is different than the Regional Language settings of the Data Logging and / Alarm Logging Service. Data Logging updates, Alarm Logging updates, trend history, and / alarm history is not working due to invalid date format.
Go to Configure-Options-History and Enable History Date Format. Examples: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss
After updating Open Automation Software with the incremental update the project no longer compiles or the application no longer works.
Make sure to Unblock the dlls before copying to C:Program Files (x86)Open Automation SoftwareOPC Systems.NET. To Unblock the files copy to a trusted location for your system, Desktop works well, then right click on the file and select Properties to select Unblock.  Then copy from your Desktop to C:Program Files (x86)Open Automation SoftwareOPC Systems.NET.
Does OPCAlarm.NET support OPC Alarm & Events specification?
Yes, go to Configure-OPC Alarm and Event Servers using the Configure OAS application to define each A&E OPC Server to subscribe to.
How do I programmatically get realtime and historical alarms?
Use the GetAlarmDataTable method to return a DataTable object with all alarms and the values for each property of an alarm.
DataTable myDataTable;
            myDataTable = opcAlarmControl1.GetAlarmDataTable();

What assemblies do I need to deploy with my application?
Include the following in References as Local Copy:
  • C1.Win.C1FlexGrid2.dll
  • OPCAlarmControl.dll
  • OPCSystemsInterface.dll