What is OAS?

An overview of the Open Automation Software Platform

The Open Automation Software Platform enables unparalleled connectivity between PLCs, devices, databases, and custom apps.

IIoT Platform

At the heart of the OAS Platform is the Universal Data Connector allowing movement and transformation of data for critical business processes like machine learning, data mining, reporting and data visualization.

Move data from anywhere to anywhere

With OAS, you can move data from an Allen Bradley PLC to a Siemens PLC, or from a PLC to a database, or from a database into a visualization. This flexibility is the hallmark of the OAS Platform.

Once connected, data moves seamlessly within the OAS Platform. Developers and integrators can access this data programmatically through SDKs and APIs.

Connectivity Layer – Device and Data Connectors

The OAS platform is an IoT Gateway and protocol bus, seamlessly moving data between devices, databases, applications, and IoT services. 

OAS provides direct, native connection to a wide range of devices including Allen Bradley and Siemens PLCs, databases, OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus and other devices.

Connect virtually all supported devices and data sources as data destinations, thereby enabling bidirectional data flow and transformation. 

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Create your own connections

When using other controllers, OAS provides connectivity through any OPC server.

Developers can create communication drivers for the OAS Platform using the OAS Universal Driver Interface SDK. This opens endless possibilities to connect devices, data, and APIs for drivers currently unsupported by the OAS Platform.

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Aggregation layer – Networking and Edge Computing

OAS Distributed Network Architecture

Deploy the OAS Platform in any network configuration to achieve the highest performance, reliability, and flexibility in your unique network environment. 

OAS Universal Data Connectors are linked via the OAS Live Data Cloud feature enabling fast, secure, and reliable data flow between OAS Platform servers.

OAS enables aggregation of data and logic in the cloud and serves as a platform for edge computing tasks ranging from simple data filtering to enabling visualization and complex analytics. 

Each system configuration and individual customer requirement is unique, and the OAS Platform is flexible and can adapt to virtually any scenario. 

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Application Layer – Data Historian, Alarms & Notifications & Visualization

When data sources and devices are connected to the OAS Platform, your data becomes available for logging, storage, analysis and visualization using tools built right into the platform.

All data passing through the OAS platform is accessible via a suite of included developer tools and APIs for creating .NET, web, and native mobile visualizations.

Data Historian

The OAS Data Historian logs data to all industry standard databases, supporting both time series data and event-based data recording in an open format for easy retrieval. With real-time data buffering you’ll never lose data on network or database engine failure. 

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Alarm Logging and Notification

With OAS Alarm Logging and Notification, you can capture events on each data point, log to open formats for historical analysis and archiving, and trigger real time notifications via email, SMS text messages, and voice mail.

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Visualize live and historical data, live and historical trends and alarms on virtually any platform including mobile devices and web browsers.

The OAS Platform provides the tools to create user interfaces and HMIs for Windows PCs, native apps for mobile devices, and web applications that can be run in any browser in any environment. 

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Developer Tools

Build visualizations, user interfaces, and automation apps using Developer tools and APIs, for .NET, web technologies, native iOS and Android mobile apps, and using a REST API for devices and applications on any platform. 

Developers can choose from components and libraries for creating visualization apps, headless data automations, or even automated configuration and deployment of OAS-based systems.

OAS provides SDKs and tools for web, desktop, and mobile application development using data from any OAS server. Additionally, use the OAS REST API on any platform for programmatic data access and server configuration. 

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Deployment Types

The OAS Platform runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems. OAS can also be installed on Raspberry Pi 4 systems with full support of all communication interfaces, and Docker containers on both Windows and Linux, with only a slight variation in configuration. 

Programmatic Interfaces

.NET Developers have access to assemblies to create data integrations and automations. Create native iOS and Android apps using Xamarin and .NET Core Components.

Developers not using .NET can easily create cross-platform applications using the OAS REST API for real time and historical data read/write as well as automated OAS Platform server configuration.

The OAS SDKs and APIs allow system integrators to build applications which automate the roll out of new OAS installations, saving thousands of development hours.

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The OAS Platform comes with a robust security settings that keep your data secure. Every feature within the OAS Platform can be secured, even down to the individual Tags and Tag Groups. Developers can programmatically modify security groups and users. Combined with strong hardware and network security the OAS platform keeps your critical data secure and reliable.

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