OPC Client IIoT Connector

Enable unlimited local and remote OPC Clients to communicate with a licensed OAS Service

Product Overview

The OPC Client Connector product enables unlimited local and remote OPC Clients to communicate with a licensed OAS Service. This design allows unlimited OPC Client connections while maintaining only one OPC connection to the local OPC Servers.

Also third party .NET data can be added to the real-time database using the .NET Data Connector or the REST API. Data from Microsoft Excel can also be enabled for read and write functions using Excel Connector. OPC Client Connector eliminates the need for remote DCOM configuration as all communications is performed using WCF.

Core Features of OPC Client Connector

  • Communicate data over company network and Internet to unlimited remote clients worldwide.
  • Use any Data Access 2.0x or 3.0 OPC Client to connect to local and remote OPC Systems.NET OPC Servers using .NET communications, even over the Internet.
  • Built in security allowing OEMs flexibility to provide customers remote access to their own data.

Platform Components

Universal Data Connector

The core of the OAS Platform, enabling data connectivity, server-to-server networking, and more

Data Historian

Log data in open format to MS SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, MongoDB, SQLite, MariaDB, Access, SQL Azure, and CSV

Alarm Logging & Notification

Log events to open databases, and send notifications via SMS, email, and voicemail

Device & Data Connectors

Read and write data to Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Modbus devices, Universal Drivers, OPC, and OPC UA, open databases, and Excel

IoT Connectors

Connect to cloud-base IoT gateways such as AWS, Azure IoT, and MQTT Brokers

Developer Tools & APIs

Develop custom Visualizations, User Interfaces, and Automation apps for Windows, web, native iOS and Android, integrate with .NET and REST APIs

Networking Features

Provides the most robust, scalable, and reliable distributed networking platform for IIoT solutions

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