OAS Platform Pricing

The OAS Product Platform is robust and flexible, and can be configured to meet the needs of your enterprise industrial automation solutions

Flexible Licensing

Below is some example pricing for the OAS Platform configured for typical use cases. Custom pricing is always available based on your needs and deployment strategy, so please contact our sales team to get a customized quotation.

Available Features Data Historian

Log data from Industrial IoT devices to open format databases

SCADA System

Build a customized SCADA system logging and visualizing your data

Enterprise IoT

Connect multiple IoT data sources, move data to cloud services and more


Create a customized, networked system with features and server deployments of your choosing

Data Historian

MS SQL, Oracle, mySQL, PostreSQL, SQLite, InfluxDB, MongoDB, MariaDB, Casandra, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Google Firebase, CSV Files

Device Connector

Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modbus, MTConnect, or OPC UA

Windows or Web Visualization

HMI and dashboard tools for Winforms/WPF, .NET, web, and mobile devices

Alarm Logging & Notification

Real time and historical Alarms for .NET, web, and mobile. Logging and notifications via email, SMS, voice


Real time and historical Trend data for Winforms/WPF, .NET, web, and mobile devices

IoT Connector

AWS IoT Gateway, Azure IoT Data Hub, Azure Event Hubs, Kafka, MQTT Client and Broker

Excel and Database Connector

Live Excel Data, Dynamic Database Queries, and Automated Reports

Programmatic Data Access

REST API, .NET Data Connector

Private Labeling

Customized branding for OEMs and systems integrators

Unlimited Client Connections

Windows, Web, and Mobile interfaces

Programmatic Server Configuration

REST API, .NET Configuration

Universal Driver Interface

Develop connectors for proprietary protocols or data sources

Calculation Engine

Transform and combine real time data points

Windows, Linux, or Docker Container Deployment

Native and Docker deployment available on both Windows and Linux

Secure Server Networking

Live Data Cloud and direct server-to-server communications

1 Year Maintenance

Free updates and upgrades, reallocation of tags to available servers, volume discounts

Number of Server Deployments

Tags can be distributed between multiple server deployments

1 1 1 Custom
Number of Tags
25 25 25 Custom

Up to 1,000,000 per server


Typical pricing, not including volume discounts

$1,623 $2,518 $2,839 Custom

contact sales

Benefits of OAS Licensing

Unlimited Clients

You can develop and deploy unlimited desktop, mobile, or web client applications for each network enabled OAS server.

Distributed Tag Deployment

Flex Tag Licensing allow you to distribute tags to multiple servers from one master license.

Driver Pricing

Each Device Driver supports unlimited tags per server, so no additional costs for connecting to additional devices of the same type.

Communications to Universal Driver Interfaces are included for free.

Perpetual Licensing

Licenses are perpetual, maintenance is optional.

Other Licensing Options

OEM Pricing

Quantity discounts are available for System Integrator and OEM partners.

Brand Labeling

Market and deploy as your own product for your industry.

Optional Maintenance

Annual Maintenance plans include:

  • Free product updates and new features
  • Reallocation of tags between server deployments with Flex Tags
  • Additional volume discounts applied to new purchases

Download and start a free, unlimited trial, or schedule a live, interactive demo