Installation and Configuration

For installing and configuring the Open Automation Software Server, please refer to the product documentation. To configure a web page to communicate with the server, you must include:

  • jQuery v1.8.3 or later, found at and is also distributed with the OAS Web HMI product
  • The OAS Web HMI Script Library
  • The OAS Web HMI Stylesheet, which is used for styling modal dialogs and can be modified to fit your web design
  • A small block of Javascript containing an authentication token and URL location of the Open Automation Software Server – configuration options will be detailed below

The following is an example of a properly configured, minimal HTML page:

Of course, this example does not contain any bindings to OPC Server Tags, but contains all elements necessary to connect to a server located at http://localhost:58725 using an authentication token of7e61b230-481d-4551-b24b-ba9046e3d8f2.