Change Default Network Port Number

The default TCP port number for .NET applications, Microsoft Excel, OPCSystems.NET OPC Server, and service to service communications is 58724.  It can be changed to any dedicated port number you desire using the following methods.

Note: If you are unsure if you need to change the TCP port number it is advisable to leave the port number at the default of 58724, otherwise you will have to set all services and client components with the following methods.  If you are simply having trouble accessing remote communications over TCP port 58724 open for both inbound and outbound traffic TCP port in your firewall.  You can check the TCP port access with the steps in Remote OAS Service Access.

Data Service: Go to Configure-Options-Networking and set the WCF Port Number.

Service to Service: Go to Configure-Options-Remote Services and set the Client WCF Port Number.

WPF HMI .NET: OPCWPFDashboard.OPCWPFNetworkNodes.WCFPortNumber

WinForm HMI .NET: OPCControls.OPCControlsNetworkNodes.WCFPortNumber

.NET Data Connector: OPCSystemsDataConnector.OPCSystemsDataNetworkNodes.WCFPortNumber

Trend .NET: OPCTrendControl.WCFPortNumber

Alarm .NET: OPCAlarmControl.WCFPortNumber

Microsoft Excel: Use the OAS Excel Wizard application to create an RTD formula =RTD(“OPCExcel”,,,”Networking”,”WCF”,58724)

OPCSystems.NET OPC Server: Modify the file DANSrv.exe.config with Notepad to change <add key=”WCFPortNumber” value=”58724″/>