Getting Started with OAS

Open Automation Software Workflow



Programmatic Access Methods – Protocols and Tools for Creating Applications


Steps to Evaluate Open Automation Software

Try Open Automation Software for free, it runs for 2 hours at a time and you can request a 30 day continuous evaluation from

Step 1 – Download and Install

Step 2 Install other required applications (optional)

  • Visual Studio – If you plan to develop .NET applications and you will need Microsoft Visual Studio. If you do not have a copy of Visual Studio visit Microsoft’s Visual Studio Express product page and select to download Express for Desktop and install.  This is a free version of Visual Studio.
    • Note: If you install Visual Studio after Open Automation Software uninstall Open Automation Software and reinstall.
  • SQL Server Express:  If you plan to implement Data Logging or Alarm Logging and need a free database engine visit Microsoft’s SQL Server Express product page and select Download SQL Server Express and install. This is a free version of SQL Server.
    • Note: Open Automation Software also works with Oracle, mySQL, the classic MS Access, and CSV files.

Step 3

Make use of the support resources:

  • This online help -View the Contents section of this file for a list of easy to follow guides in setting up the most common features of Open Automation Software.
  • View the Videos section of this file for a list of online video training. You can follow along while watching the video while you learn quickly and also see other important aspects.
  • The Basic Start Video is a good video that demonstrates some of the most commonly used features of Open Automation Software with a .NET application.
  • Review the FAQ – In each section there is a Frequently Asked Questions section which is all listed in the common Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 4

Contact Support if you have questions about any of the products or steps to implement Open Automation Software.



OAS System Requirements
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