After updating Open Automation Software with the incremental update the project no longer compiles or the application no longer works.

Make sure to Unblock the dlls before copying to C:Program Files (x86)Open Automation SoftwareOPC Systems.NET.

To Unblock the files copy to a trusted location for your system, Desktop works well, then right click on the file and select Properties to select Unblock. Then copy from your Desktop to C:Program Files (x86)Open Automation SoftwareOPC Systems.NET.

My OPCWPFDashboard Button flashes when the user hovers the mouse over the button.

This is default for a WPF Button control, but the behavior can be changed with the following steps using Expression Blend.

  1. Select the button, and right click on the button, select Edit Template-Edit a Copy.  Select OK.
  2. With the new template selected reset the RenderMouseOver, and RenderPressed property.
  3. Select Triggers, and delete the IsKeyboardFocused trigger.
  4. Apply the new template to all buttons.  Select the button, right click, and select Edit Template-Apply Resource.

I want to have my HMI application automatically scale in size when the user changes the size of the application or it is run on different PC with different screen resolution.

Use a ViewBox in the Window XAML code.

When you create a WPF application by default the first container in the window is a Grid. Each container has an opening and closing statement in the XAML file.

For example:

All of your content will be in the grid.

To create a window with resizable content add a ViewBox to the window and put the grid in the ViewBox.


Select the view box and set the stretch property the way you want the application to respond. The options are None, Fill, Uniform and Uniform to Fill. The default is uniform.

How do I implement Data Binding from an Open Automation Software Tag Value?

Use the OPCWPFContent control.  Following is an example:

I receive an error stating that the Microsoft.Expression.Drawing.dll and Microsoft.Expression.Effects.dll is missing and not found.

These assemblies are included in the installation directory of Open Automation Software and can be included as a Reference in your project as local copy.

Or you can install the Blend SDK from the following link that also includes these files.

What assemblies do I need to deploy with my application?

Include the following in References as Local Copy:

  • C1.Win.C1FlexGrid2.dll
  • Microsoft.Expression.Drawing.dll
  • Microsoft.Expression.Effects.dll
  • Microsoft.Expression.Interactions.dll
  • Nevron.Chart.dll
  • Nevron.Chart.WinForm.dll
  • Nevron.GraphicsGL.dll
  • Nevron.Presentation.dll
  • Nevron.System.dll
  • OPCAlarmControl.dll
  • OPCSystemsInterface.dll
  • OPCTrendControl.dll
  • OPCWPFDashboard.dll