Getting Started – Data Route

Use OAS Data Route when you need to transfer data from one OAS Tag value to another Tag, OAS Tag value or fixed value to many OAS Tags, of IoT Tag Publish to MQTT Broker, Azure IoT Data Hub, AWS IoT Gateway, or Kafka broker. The source tags Tags can be local or remote.  When a Tag is set as a Destination values will be written to the Data Source defined in that Tag, examples Modbus, Allen Bradley PLCs, Siemens Controller, OPC UA and DA servers, etc.

There are 3 methods for automated data transfer that is supported by the Data Route feature of OAS.

  • Tag to Tag transfer is implemented by defining a Target in a source tag
  • Multiple Tags transfer is implemented in a Data Route Configuration initiated by event trigger, data change, or continuously at a specified rate.  Each Data Route group configuration provides mapping to set multiple tags from a fixed value or value from another tag with optional time delay
  • IoT Tag Publish to AWS, Azure IoT, MQTT, and Kafka defined directly in the respective driver interface.