What’s the difference between the REST API and Web HMI?

The OAS Platform REST API, like all APIs is a programmatic interface. It allows developers to read and write real time Tag data, read real time and historical Alarms and Trends, and even create or update Tag configurations. Because it utilizes JSON data over HTTP(s), it can be used by any virtually any development platform or language. It is also a perfect alternative to the .NET Data Connector for applications not running .NET code. Developers need to handle client to server communication to the API within their code. This includes web technologies such as Javascript, but if browser visualization is required, Web HMI may be the preferred product to utilize.

The Web HMI product is specifically geared towards web applications that need to visualize real time and historical data. It consists of a set of Javascript libraries intended to be included in your web pages which handle server communication and screen updates. While the Web HMI product does include programmatic methods for reading and writing Tag data, development is strictly done within HTML and intended to be run in a browser.

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