Remote OAS Service Access

The OAS Service must be started to be accessed by a local or remote OPC client component or application.  Use the OAS Service Control application to Start the Service.

If you are using a Firewall make sure to open up TCP port 58727 for both inbound and outbound traffic. You can find what port number is used under Configure-Options-Networking in the service. 58727 is the current default port number, 58724 is the default for older OAS versions, and 58723 is the port number if using Classic .NET Remoting with legacy applications.

You can check if the TCP port is open using the Windows Command Prompt with the following command on the same computer as the OAS Service.

Remote OAS Service Access 533

If the service is not started or the port is not open then the command will just return without any results.

To check a remote computer port use PortQry from Microsoft.

Download from:

Open PortQryV2.exe to install PortQry.

Use the Windows Command Prompt from the PortQryV2 directory with the following command.  Replace with your own IP address of your server.

Remote OAS Service Access 534

You can adjust the TCP Port number used for the Service under Configure-Options-Networking.

If you change the default port number from 58724 make sure to also adjust each remote service accessing this service under Configure-Options-Remote Services and in each .NET application assembly using the WCFPortNumber property.

Adjustable WCF Port Number

How to adjust WCF port number in the realtime service and all client applications.