OAS v17 … Stronger, Lighter, Faster

Open Automation Software has optimized it’s encryption methodology in Version 17 and in a nutshell it is stronger, lighter and faster!  Data encryption may not be an exciting topic for everyone but fortunately for our users, the developers at OAS get really excited about it! 

Security needs to be built in, not bolted on.  Open Automation Software has spent a good part of this year re-writing it’s entire encryption algorithm from the bottom up.  Every aspect of the software includes this change and has been meticulously tested.  The results exceeded our own expectations.

  • Packet sizes are 3-9 times smaller depending on the type of data being transported, resulting in increased speed.

  • The time to encode a packet is now up 2 to 8 times faster while decoding can be up to 10 times faster than previous versions of OAS.

  • Additional encryption methods implement a unique seed value for each client connection to encrypt the user credentials, removing clear text for the username and eliminating the possibility of sniffing user credentials.

  • Client and server packet handshake with a 64-bit unique identifier. 

  • Live Data Cloud networking is now 6 to 18 times faster as previous versions, almost as fast the updated basic networking.

Version 17 of OAS also includes pre-configured security groups and mandatory use of security features. 

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