Database Security Login

When you receive an error for Data Logging or Alarm Logging that there is a problem with the login security to the database engine in trying to open it or create it follow these steps which are shown for SQL Server, and would be similar to the other database engines.

View the following video for a quick tutorial on defining database security login for SQL Server:

Step 1

Start SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the database engine.

Database Security Login 1

Step 2

Select Security-Logins in the database engine tree.

Database Security Login 2

Step 3

For Windows Authentication Login open the PC account that the OAS Database Service is running on.

For SQL Server Login either add a new account or select an existing account where you know the password. For SQL Server login make sure the property to Enforce password expiration is disabled:

Database Security Login 3

Step 4

Under Server Roles enable all properties or at least sysadmin and public.

Database Security Login 4

Step 5

If you still encounter the security access error select User Mapping and select the database to enable all properties except db_denydatareader and db_denydatawriter.

Database Security Login 5