Activate License with Serial Number via Internet

Step 1

Getting Started-Tags 1Start Configure OAS application from the program group Open Automation Software.


Step 2

Select Configure-License.

Getting Started-Tags 2

Step 3

Select the Local OAS Service by selecting the Select button or the Local node in the service tree to the left.

Getting Started-Tags 3

Getting Started-Tags 4

Note: The Configure application can be used to connect to remote systems using the network node name or IP address of the remote node the OAS Service is running on.  Simply enter the IP Address or network node name of the remote OAS Service you wish to connect to and click on the Select key.

Note: When selecting a service if you receive a warning dialog that the service cannot be retrieved make sure the OAS Service, OAS Data Service, and OAS Database Service are started as described in Start Service.

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Step 4

Select button labeled Electronic Activate License with Serial Number via Internet Connection.

Activate License

Step 5

Enter Serial Number provided with order to activate the license.

Note: If a firewall is blocking your computer from the license web server proceed to Activate License with License Code Manually

Step 6

Record the License Key for future reference in case the system hard drive has to be reloaded.