Should I develop a WPF, WinForm, or HTML5 client application?

All support communications over the Internet, so networking is not a deciding factor.

Windows HMI is a good choice if:

  • The customer is not experienced in creating WPF applications but has strong knowledge in building Windows Forms applications and the application is not graphics intensive.
  • The application is for mainly displaying values.
  • The customer wants to use Open Automation Software Controls in an existing Windows Forms Application.
  • The customer wants to write a service to read and write data to Open Automation Software.
  • The customer application will be running on Windows 2000 Professional.

WPF HMI is a good choice if:

  • The customer has no preference and he want to use graphics.
  • The customer would like Lamps, Switches, Shapes, Gauges, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, PID Controls or story boards built into the control library.
  • The customer wants to be using the latest technology.
  • The customer’s application is graphic centered as opposed to mainly a data display.
  • The customer wants to automatically scale his application to the monitor size.
  • The customer wants the ability to Scale, Rotate or Skew object in the application.

Web HMI is a good choice if:

  • If you plan to run the application on a smart phone or non widows operating system.
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