The OAS Excel Connector product provides connectivity to Microsoft Excel Workbooks for both read and write functionality.

It is deployed as an Excel Add-In and easy to register following the Getting Started Excel page.

The OAS Excel Connector can achieve data update rates into Excel at 30 milliseconds for multiple tag values in the same or different Worksheets and Workbooks.

OAS Excel Connector can interface with all versions of Microsoft Excel from 2003 and up.  The latest version at the time of this posting is Excel 2019.

Use the OAS Excel wizard application to define the formulas to paste into any cell.  Select Start-All Programs-OAS Excel.

Each licensed service for OAS Excel Connector can support unlimited local and remote Excel Workbooks. You can even have Excel Workbooks access data from PLCs, controllers, OPC UA Servers, and OPC Classic Servers over the Internet. All other data sources with their respective product features are also supported like MQTT, Azure IoT, AWS IoT, OPC Clients, databases, REST API, and .NET applications.