Videos – Tags

Getting Started Tags

For a quick tutorial on configuring tags view the Quick Start Example – Configure Tags section or view the following video:

Getting Started OAS (Legacy)

The following video was created from earlier versions of OAS, but is still applicable for those data sources shown in the video to familiarize yourself with installation, setting up Tags, selecting Data Sources and Destinations, and implementing Networking and Security.

One Click OPC

Automatically setup the realtime database from OPC Servers in one step.

One Click Allen Bradley

How to automatically import Allen Bradley variables to Open Automation Software.

OPC Servers

How to connect to OPC Servers for all products.  Refer to One Click OPC for automated setup.

OPC Server to OPC Server

How to setup automatic data transfer from OPC Server to OPC Server on your LAN, WAN, and Internet.


How to setup math equations and logic as a Data Source with the built Calculation engine for all products.

Alarm Limits

How to setup alarm limits in real-time tag configuration.

Time On and Counts

Monitor how many times a value or alarm transitions and how long it has been active.

Watch Window

View multiple tag values, timestamps, and data quality using the Watch Window.