Videos – Data Sources

Data Sources

Overview of the most common data sources for Open Automation Software.

OPC Servers

How to connect to OPC Servers for all products.  Refer to One Click OPC for automated setup.

.NET Applications

How to make any .NET application a live data source to all products.  Also how to share data from any data source to .NET applications.


How to setup continuous and event data transfer from SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL for any SCADA and HMI product.

Microsoft Excel

How to connect Microsoft Excel to any data source and share data with any product with local and remote Excel Workbooks.

OPC Clients

How to connect third party OPC Clients for both local and Internet connections.


How to setup math equations and logic as a Data Source with the built Calculation engine for all products.

OPC Server to OPC Server

How to setup automatic data transfer from OPC Server to OPC Server on your LAN, WAN, and Internet.