Export and Import CSV Data Logging

Export CSV Data Logging

Export CSV 1

Select the OAS Service that you desire to extract the Data Logging configuration from and select Export CSV to generate a base Comma Separated Variable file for all of the logging group’s properties and individual CSV files for each of the logging group’s fields.

The individual file names will include the base name with underscore following by the group name.

You can then use Microsoft Excel or other CSV compatible application to add or modify data logging properties and fields. Use the Import CSV (see below) feature to then import the modified CSV files.

If you wish to export just the individual field names right click on the Tags field list and select CSV Export:


Export CSV Data Logging

Note: You cannot have Excel open with the CSV file during the import as Excel will lock the file for exclusive use.  First close the file in Excel, and then proceed with the import.

Import CSV Data Logging

Import CSV 1

Select the OAS Service that you desire to import a CSV file to the Data Logging configuration and select Import CSV to import a Comma Separated Variable file.

If the same directory that has the base CSV file for all groups also contains the individual CSV files with the base name underscore group name then the fields will also be imported from each individual file matching the group names.

If you wish to just import a data logging groups individual field list right click on the field list under the Tags tab of the Data Logging group and select CSV Import:


Import CSV Data Logging

Use the Export CSV (see above) feature to generate the CSV files.