Open Automation Software Key Differences

Open Automation Software Key Differences


Open Automation Software consistently out performs all major brands of SCADA and HMI software in many ways.

  • Monitor over 1,000,000 tags from OAS Service.
  • Open Automation Software is designed to run on business networks.
  • Open Automation Software network load is from 1/1000 to 1/1,000,000 to that of our competitors.
  • Efficiently move large amounts of data across your local network or across the enterprise.
  • Log over 1,000,000 data points to an open database with no loss of data even on network loss.
  • Easily deliver vital data to all levels of the enterprise.
  • Only one connection to you data source(Reduced load)


  • Because Open Automation Software is a service oriented architecture activity occurs at the OAS Service. This allows the service to automatically buffer data on network loss. How does this affect your system?
    • Data logging – All data can be buffered on loss of network or database connection. As soon as the connection is restored Open Automation Software will push the buffered data to the database server. Better still Open Automation Software employs a method to parse the data to the server without overloading the database server or the network with large amounts of data.
    • Trending – Trend data can be buffered on network loss. This means no blank spaces in you HMI trend windows. The missing data will be added to your trend as soon as the network connection is restored.
    • Alarming – Alarm data can be buffered on network loss. This means no missing Alarms in you HMI alarm windows. The missing data will be added to your alarm window as soon as the network connection is restored.
    • All of the above applies to data transfer across your local network or the internet.
  • DCOM can be fragile – Just changing a few seemingly unrelated settings on one PC can break the connectivity causing hours of downtime, lost productivity and I.T. overhead. OPC system eliminates the need for DCOM enabling you to use Open Automation Software .Net Remoting or WCF as the communications platform. This reduces the network load and hours of configuration of DCOM settings.


  • With 19 products to choose from you only need to purchase what is relevant to your project.
  • Connect to a verity of data sources such as Modbus, Allen Bradley, Siemens, MQTT, OPC Servers, OPC Clients, Databases, Excel, and .Net applications.
  • Because Open Automation Software frees your data you can easily move you data to existing enterprise systems like SAP.
  • Want to move data form you database to your HMI without the security risk. Open Automation Software Recipe.Net allows you to securely move database data to your HMI or Device on your local network or across the internet.
  • Ever have a customer request that that was impossible to accomplish with you existing SCADA software? Open Automation Software uses Microsoft Visual Studio as it development platform. You can accomplish virtually anything that a customer has in mind. If you don’t have the resources, contact us and one of our software engineers can help you.
  • Need a change to Open Automation Software or a new feature? – We can quickly provide what you are looking for. No need to wait 6 Months for a new release. We often provide our customers changes within hours or a few days.
  • Open Automation Software can be integrated with and alongside competing SCADA application to provide features that they don’t provide.


The initial cost of Open Automation Software is far less than our competitors. But the savings don’t stop there.

  • No charge for client licenses – That means that you can deploy as many client applications as you want.
  • Easily and quickly develop world class SCADA systems using Open Automation Software and Visual Studio with no programming required.
  • Rapid application development reduces development costs and speeds up time to market.
  • Reduced IT cost. Open Automation Software client applications have no impact on the client machine registry.
  • Open Automation Software is designed to run on your business network. We are not restricted to closed control networks. This provides much more bang for your buck by allowing key information to be shared to business systems.
  • Purchase what you need when you need it – Open Automation Software is completely customizable with 19 features to choose from you have ultimate flexibility. Open Automation Software starts at $195.00
  • Ever try to get data from one of their closed proprietary databases? Then you know how much it costs just to get access. Then try to interface that to your business systems, the cost skyrockets. With Open Automation Software we are all about data access.  We can log data to SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL or CSV starting at $195.00!
  • Often the cost of switching to Open Automation Software is less the then yearly maintenance of our competitors. Effectively providing a return on investment in less than one year and saving for every year thereafter. Not to mention the reduced IT costs and the benefit of have access to key data enterprise wide.

One more thing that sets Open Automation Software apart we don’t ask you to take our work for it. Download a fully functional trial with unlimited tags and products and ask for a free presentation tailored to your specific needs.