Data Products

Data Products

Data Historian

The OAS Data Historian product allows you to log data to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, and CSV files based on event, continuously, time of day, or on data change.


The OAS Report product provides the Report Designer for easily creating reports from data logged with OAS Data Log or OAS Alarm .NET.  These reports are then executed from selectable execution types such as event driven from a Tag, continuous as a specified frequency, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Filter constraints can be added for filtering data to previous  hour, current hour, previous day, current day, previous week, current week, previous month, current month, or custom time frame.

You can also use an Open Automation Software Tag value with a string data type as a dynamic query string to filter based on any live data values.


The OAS Recipe product provides data transfer from databases to OPC data.  The data target can be from local or remote OAS Services of Tag Parameter Values.  The execution can be continuous up to 1 second speed, event driven from a Tag Parameter value, or at a specific time of day.  The database providers can be SQL Server, SQL Server Desktop (MSDE), Access, Oracle, mySQL, or ODBC.


The OAS Excel Connector product provides connectivity to Microsoft Excel Workbooks for both read and write functionality. The OAS Excel Connector can interface with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Each licensed service for OAS Excel Connector can support unlimited local and remote Excel Workbooks.  You can even have Excel Workbooks access data from OPC Servers over the Internet.  All other data sources with their respective product features are also supported like OPC Clients, databases, and .NET applications.

OPC Client

The OPC Client Connector product enables unlimited local and remote OPC Clients to communicate with a licensed OAS Service.  This design allows unlimited OPC Client connections while maintaining only one OPC connection to the local OPC Servers.

Also third party .NET data can be added to the real-time database using OPC .NET WinForm HMI .NET, OAS WPF HMI .NET, or OPC Mobile.NET, and read only data from databases of SQL Server, Oracle, or Access can be integrated with OAS Recipe.  Data from Microsoft Excel can be enabled for read and write functions using OAS Excel Connector.  OPC Client Connector eliminates the need for remote DCOM configuration as all communications is performed using .NET, not DCOM.

OPC Route

The OPC Tunnel product allows an OAS Service to write values from any Tag Parameter to an OPC Item in an OPC Server.  This simplifies remote networking by installing the OAS Service at each OPC Server system and take advantage of the built in .NET Remoting communications in Open Automation Software.