Following are the key topics in the Online Help:

  • Getting Started with OAS: Quick overview of installing Open Automation Software and a section for Quick Start Examples.
  • System Configuration: How to setup Tags, Data Logging, Alarm Logging, Alarm Notification, Alarm and Events OPC Servers, Reports, Recipes, Security, Security Users, Options, Live Data Cloud networking, UDP Broadcast networking, and Licensing.
  • .NET WPF HMI: How to create a WPF HMI application.
  • .NET WinForm HMI: How to create a WinForm HMP application.
  • .NET Trend: How to add trending to a WPF or WinForm application.
  • .NET Alarm: How to add alarming to a WPF or WinForm application.
  • Web HMI: How to create a Web HMI application.
  • Web Trend: How to create a Web trending application.
  • Web Alarm: How to create a Web alarming application.
  • Excel: How to add realtime data access to Microsoft Excel.
  • OPC Server to OPC Server: How to automatically transfer data from OPC Servers to OPC Servers.
  • 3rd Party OPC Client: How to access Open Automation Software tag values in an OPC Client.
  • Networking: Videos and syntax on how to best implement networking and the different ways that is possible.
  • Programmatic Interface: Examples on how to access Configurations and Real-time data via programmatic interface using .NET or JSON-jQuery.
  • Redundancy: Best practices for implementing redundant systems.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Common topics to speed the understanding of all Open Automation Software features.
  • Videos: A complete list of all training videos.
  • Support: Contact information for obtaining sales or technical product assistance.