One Click OPC UA

Tags can be automatically setup by using the One Click OPC UA feature that browses OPC UA Servers automatically and creates tags based on the Nodes defined in the OPC UA Server. You can then delete tags from the configuration that you do not want.

Note: You will need to be running Open Automation Software Version or greater to support the One Click OPC UA feature. You can download the latest version from our Open Automation Software Download page.

Step 1

OASStart Configure OAS application from the program group Open Automation Software.



Step 2

Select Configure-Drivers.

Configure Drivers

Step 3

Select localhost or the remote service you wish to modify with the Select button to the right of the Network Node list.

Network Node

Note: Optionally select the Live Data Cloud node if you are hosting OPC UA data over the Internet with a standard Internet connection.

Step 4

Enter a meaningful Driver Interface Name that you will refer to this physical connection when defining Tags with an OPCUA Data Source.

Define the properties for the connection to the OPC UA server.

OPCUA Driver Configuration

Set the Driver to OPC UA.

Note: If you enable security the certificate path is C:\ProgramData\OpenAutomationSoftware\pki.

You can use the Browse button if you have installed the OPC UA Local Discovery Service from the OPC Foundation to find all available server names.

You can manually enter in your server if you have not installed the OPC UA LDS from the OPC Foundation.

Step 5

Select the Add Driver button above the Driver list in the left pane to add the Driver Interface as an available selection when defining Tags in the next step.

Add Driver

Note: If you need to define several Driver Interfaces you can use the CSV Export and CSV Import on the toolbar in the upper right together with Microsoft Excel.

Step 6

Select Configure-Tags.

Configure Tags

Step 7

Select the OAS Service you want to configure by selecting the Select button. Use localhost is the default local service.

Network Node

Step 8

Next, select the top Tags group or a different group under that.  Then click the One Click Import button on the top toolbar.

One Click Import Button



Note: You can also add organizational Groups as many levels deep as you prefer and add tags to groups. To do this first add a Group to the Tags Group then right click on the Group in the right window to add additional Groups or Tags.

Add Group

Step 9

Select the desired OPC UA Driver Interface fassigned to the OPC UA Server from the dropdown box you want to import from then click on the Import OPC UA Items button.

One Click Import OPCUA

Use the One Click OPC UA Wizard to browse for a branch as a starting position within an OPC UA Server or do not select a branch if you want to import all Nodes from the OPC UA Server.

Browse OPCUA Server

Select to enable the options to Get Data Type from OPC UA Server and optionally the Descriptions.

Additionally if you want to specify to Trend all of the points select Trend Points.

Step 10

Click Add Tags and it will automatically add all of the Nodes from the OPC UA Server Branch you have selected and all sub Branches beneath it.

Step 7

Optionally delete Tags and Groups you do not want to be included in the configuration that have been imported.
Select the Save button on the toolbar at the top.


Step 11

Under Configure – Options set the Default Tag Configuration File so when the computer restarts the tag file will automatically be loaded.