Videos – Develop for iOS and Android

View the following video for a quick introduction to the developing native interfaces for iOS and Android applications.


Create iOS and Android Native Apps for live data read and write access.

PCL for iOS and Android Applications

NOTE:  The OASPCL assembly still ships with the OAS Platform installation for legacy support, but we have now made the OASData and OASConfig assemblies compatible with Xamarin projects. More information on how to use these assemblies can be found here:

OASData – real time data access

OASConfig – programmatic platform configuration

The video below details how to develop native apps for iOS and Android using the PCL component. Using the OASData and OASConfig components follow the same method. Just replace the OASPCL with the OASData for reading and writing real time tag data, and OASConfig for configuring OAS servers.

How to create HMI applications for live data for iOS and Android applications.