Basic Components

Basic components are the everyday workhorses to display basic information in the interface design. By using these components together, you can display basic information to your users.


While the components are basic, when combined with Server Tags they have an infinite number of uses. By having tags drive properties of these components you can call attention to important information, such as coloring a Label red when a system is in an error state. The use of tags to drive properties makes them "dynamic" and able to react to changing information from the server.


Used for displaying a static or dynamic image on the Screen.


A simple text label that can display static or dynamic text.

Displays a web browser link that can be clicked on by a user to navigate to another location, including another project or screen.


Geometric shapes such as circles, squars, or polygons, that can help you provide structure or graphical elements to the Screen.


Symbols are scalable images that represent various objects or terms in a specific industry. For example, electrical schematic symbols might represent a complex electrical grid. These symbols are designed to help speed development of complex industry specific interfaces.

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