Displays real time and historical OAS Tag data in a time series chart. Real time data is animated in a sliding customizable timeframe window.

Trends Component

In the upper-right corner of the Component, while real time data is being plotted, you can click the icon to pause the animation.

Also, clicking the icon will toggle display of raw tabular data. While displaying tabular data, you can export the dataset to a local CSV file by clicking the icon.


TagsTagsList of OAS Tags and options for how they are plotted on the chart
BG ColorColorBackground or fill color behind the component
BorderBorderOptional border around the Component
VisibilityBooleanDetermines when to show or hide the Component


Tag Options

The following are general options for how the chart is rendered

TimeframeIn seconds, this is the amount of time displayed in the chart. Real time data ends at the current date/time with the Timeframe determining how far back to keep data in the window. Historical data will always display the full data set based on the start and end date/times selected
Data RateIn seconds, the interval between each data point. If Tags are sampled at a higher rate than the Data Rate, the value plotted will be an average between samples. If Tags are sampled at a lower rate, multiple repeated data points will be displayed
X IntervalIn seconds, the interval between labels and grid lines on the y-axis
PaddingIn pixels, how much padding is applied between the Component border and the chart itself
Show HistoryEnables retrieval of historical data from one or more OAS Data Logging Groups. See below for more detail
Vert. CursorSwitches to a vertical line cursor which will display all values at that timestamp for comparison. If disabled, the default cursor will only show the value of the single pen where the mouse hovers
Vert. Cursor ColorThe color used for the vertical cursor line. This can be any valid HTML color name, hex value or RGB designation

Show History

Enabling this option will display input fields for the user to select a start and end date/time to query the OAS Server for historical data.

Trends History

To display historical data fill in the date/time fields and click the icon. A request will be made to the OAS Server to retrieve logged data for each of the Tags added to the Pen Configuration below.

If data can be retrieved for the timeframe requested, it will be plotted on the chart. You can return to viewing real time data by clicking on the icon.


Historical data will only be available for OAS Tags logged using the Data Logging feature of the OAS Server
NOTE: To ensure the Trend Component is usable and performs well, the maximum number of data points per pen allowed is limited to 300k.
For example, this is approx. 3.5 days worth of data logged at a one second rate, or more than 200 days of data logged at a one minute rate.

Pen Configuration

Clicking the icon to select the OAS Tags to plot on the chart, either using the Tag Browser, or by manually entering the Tag name. Once you have selected the Tags, each will be configured in a separate panel.


Only OAS Tags marked as a Trend Point in the OAS Server configuration will be available to plot on the Trends Component.

Trends Pen

Below the name of the selected OAS Tag are the Label and Color fields. The Label is what gets displayed in the chart's legend, and the Color is used for how the Label and pen markings are displayed.

Additional options for the pen are:

Y-AxisThe position of the y-axis scale for this Tag, either on the left or right side of the chart
Min/MaxThe minimum and maximum values for controlling the y-axis scale
Y-StepThe number of steps between labels and grid lines on the y-axis. Set this to 0 to allow the Component to decide based on the y-axis range
StyleVisual styling configurations for the plot lines and y-axis
History Data LogIf the OAS Tag is included in multiple Data Logging Groups, you can specify which group to use for requesting historical data
Data FieldIf a custom name is used for the database field (column), you can specify it here. By default, the OAS Server will replace OAS Tag segments with an underscore when searching for data. For example, the Sine.Value Tag will use a Data Field of Sine_Value.

Style Options

Fill - fill under the plot line
Points - display markers for each data point
Show y-axis - display the y-axis for this pen
Match y-axis color - render the y-axis using the pen's color

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