Displays a dynamic menu based on Screen hierarchy, allowing users to navigate between screens.

Breadcrumb Component

The Breadcrumb is a unique Component that is almost entirely driven by the structure of the Screen hierarchy. Placing the Breadcrumb on a Screen will automatically display the current Screen name and the path used to reach the Screen, split with a separator icon. Each Screen name is a link to that screen.

Breadcrumb Parts

Hovering over the separator icon will display a menu of all child Screens, so the Breadcrumb will allow you to navigate through the entire Screen hierarchy.

Breadcrumb Menu


To get achieve an effect of the Breadcrumb persisting over all Screens, be sure to place it on every Screen in the same location, and with the same settings.


OptionsBreadcrumb OptionsChoose how Breadcrumb separators are rendered
FontFontThe font and style used for all text in the Breadcrumb
Text ColorColorThe color of unselected text
Current FontFontThe font and style used to highlight the currently selected Screen in the Breadcrumb
Current ColorColorThe color of the selected Screen
BG ColorColorBackground or fill color behind the component
BorderBorderOptional border around the Component
VisibilityBooleanDetermines when to show or hide the Component

Choose the icon you would like to use as a separator between Screen names.

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