Input Components

Input components are the main method to allow for, and react to, user input. These controls can be used and combined with Events to both invoke actions within the screen or project, but also to set Tags at the OAS Server to communicate values with other systems.


Most of these controls will look and behave as you would expect from other UI systems. However, it is helpful to be familiar with how Events and actions work within the UIEngine.


Standard Button control for allowing users to click and interact with the interface.

Check List

A series of checkboxes that a user can select and de-select one or more options.

Combo Box

A standard combo box / dropdown style input.

Input Field

A text input field that can be tailored for different data types.

Radio List

A series of radio buttons that allows a user to select one value from a visible set of options.


Slider style input control that outputs a value from within a range of numbers.


A simple toggle switch control, with various presentation styles and options.


A multi-position switch to capture a precise value within a range.

Text Field

A text area input field that allows a user to enter larger strings of text.

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