Data Grid

Load and display data logged by the OAS Data Logging feature.

Data Grid Component


Data ColumnsData Grid OptionsConfigure which data columns to display along with default query options
Foreground ColorColorForeground color for text on the table
Grid ColorColorColor used for grid lines and separators
Header/Footer ColorColorBackground or fill color used in the header and footer elements
BG ColorColorBackground or fill color behind the component
BorderBorderOptional border around the Component
VisibilityBooleanDetermines when to show or hide the Component

Data Columns

Options for configuring the Data Grid contents

Data LogChoose from a Data Logging Group configured on the OAS Server. Data requested to be displayed in the Data Grid will query the database configured in the Logging Group. Once a group is selected, the available Columns will be populated.
ColumnsAll available database columns configured in the Data Logging Group. You can choose which columns to display, as well as the text for each column in the Data Grid header.
Initial Data LoadWhen a user navigates to a screen containing the Data Grid, you can pre-configure the data to be displayed from a list of options which include Last 30 Minutes, Last Hour, and Last 24 Hours. Leaving this blank will display a blank Data Grid until the user enters a date/time range, or one of the presets.
Empty Results MessageThe text to display when no data can be found
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