A customizable multi-position switch allowing users to pick from a static or dynamic list of values.

Switch(Multi) Component


OptionsContentConfigures the switch type and values
Label FontFontFont style used for the text on the switch
FG ColorColorForeground / primary color of the switch
Secondary ColorColorSecondary color of the switch, if it supports a second color
BG ColorColorBackground or fill color behind the switch
Selected ColorColorForeground color for the selected switch option
Selected BG olorColorBackground color for the selected switch option
BorderBorderOptional border around the component
EnabledBoolanEnables or disables the item - only used to control when the Change event is active
VisibilityBooleanDetermines when to show or hide the component
ChangeEventHandles the event when the switch value changes


Switch (Multi) Options

Similar to the simple Switch there are a number of visual options you can choose from when creating the switch. But with a multi-switch, you will add multiple options as possible switch values, rather than just a simple "on" or "off" value.

Display Settings

  • Padding sets the space around the switch glyph, which can be used to fine-tune the placement of the switch options.
  • Rotation sets the inital rotation of the switch. Usually the first option is on the far-left side, but changing the rotation will rotate where the starting option is displayed on the symbol.
  • The Gap setting allows you to set a gap on the dial to allow for advance layouts, by leaving empty space on the dial
  • Offset controls the x and y center of where the switch body renders within the control.
  • The Notch setting allows you to select the graphical style of the notch at the intervals on the switch.

Value Settings

  • Value indicates the initial value of the control when first loaded.
  • Static Options lists the set of fixed options available for the switch. The left column indicates the visual value shown to the user, and the right column shows what value will be applied to the control.
  • Tag Options work like other controls where visible options are displayed based on server tag values. See Tag Binding - Complex Values for more information.
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