A standard Button control that is used for capturing user clicks and triggering an event.

Button Component


TextText OptionsText to display on the Button
IconIcon OptionsOptional Icon to display on either side of the Button Text
FontFontFont style used for the Button Text
FG ColorColorForeground Text color
BG ColorColorBackground color behind the Text
BorderBorderOptional border around the Component
EnabledBoolanEnables or disables the item - only used to control when the Click event is active
VisibilityBooleanDetermines when to show or hide the Component
FlashBooleanCauses the Component to flash, drawing attention to it
ClickEventHandles a click event

Text Options

Button Text

The text that is displayed on the button can be statically set via the Text panel. Alternatively, you can set the value of the button to reflect a dynamic Tag value.

Icon Options

Icon Options

Click the icon to assign a static or default icon, or click the icon to assign one or more OAS Tags to select which icon is displayed. When you click an icon, the Icon Browser will be presented for you to choose which icon and style you would like to use.

Dynamic Icons

Dynamic Icons

You can position the Button's icon to the left or right of the Text by clicking the or icons.

When using a dynamic icon driven by OAS Tags, the same cascading logic is followed when assigning dynamic colors. Icons can also be assigned based on Tag data quality and when no Tag evaluates to true.

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