Liberate Your Data

OAS is an enterprise automation system to visualize, control, transform, and transport data between virtually any device or platform.

OAS Universal Data Connector

Visualize Your Data

With the OAS Open UIEngine, rapidly build and deploy rich user interfaces and HMIs, all within a web browser, and with zero code.

Transport and Transform Your Data

The OAS Platform’s high speed data connectors allow you to move and log data between PLCs, databases, and external applications, as well as trigger alarms and notifications on highly customizable parameters.

Infinitely Flexible Secure Networking

Built upon a Distributed Network Architecture that enables advanced Edge Computing, reliability, and performance for IIoT, the OAS Platform can be deployed in infinite configurations to meet your needs. Interconnect OAS servers for load balancing, failover, data aggregation from remote clients, and more.

OAS Universal Data Connector

Basic Networking

Network clients, either over LAN, WAN, or Internet can communicate directly with an OAS Platform server.

Basic Networking with fixed IP address or domain names

Live Data Cloud

Move data between OAS Platform servers, aggregate data, and secure source data over dynamic IP addresses

Live Data Cloud networking with dynamic IP address

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Thousands of customers worldwide trust OAS, including

Michelin JBT Aerotech Volvo Mack Intel US Navy

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