A simple toggle switch that allows a user to choose between an "on" or an "off" value.

Switch Component


OptionsOptionsConfigures the switch type and values
FG ColorColorForeground / primary color of the switch
Secondary ColorColorSecondary color of the switch, if it supports a second color
BG ColorColorBackground or fill color behind the switch
BorderBorderOptional border around the component
EnabledBoolanEnables or disables the item - only used to control when the Change event is active
VisibilityBooleanDetermines when to show or hide the component
ChangeEventHandles the event when the switch value changes


Switch Options

Within the Switch options you can:

  • Set the style of the switch. Note that the last column of switches have a Secondary Color option for additional styling needs
  • Set the initial value of the control: 0 = false or off, 1 = true or on
  • Set the data values for the control when it is in the on or off position. This value can then be used when handling the Change event.
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