A label is a basic screen element that is used to display static text or, with the help of tags, dynamic text based on server data.

Label Component


TextText OptionsText to display in the Label
FontFontFont style used for the Label
FG ColorColorForeground Text color
BG ColorColorBackground color behind the Text
BorderBorderBorder around the Label
VisibilityBooleanDetermines when to show or hide the Label
FlashBooleanCauses the Component to flash, drawing attention to it
ClickEventHandles a click event

Text Options

Typically Labels are used to display static text information on the screen, such as header text for a Screen, or to identify a specific item or area on the Screen. However, using the Tag Browser, you can apply a Tag value to a specific label, and have it update in real-time.

Refer to the Tag Browser documentation to learn how to search and apply tags to the text Label.

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